Seazons™ Rock Toilet Roll - 1000 sheets * 18 rolls

18 rolls of Seazons™ Rock Toilet Roll contains 18,000 sheets which is equivalent to more than 55 conventional toilet rolls*

Seazons™ Marble Facial Tissue - 1000 sheets * 5 packs

5 packs of Seazons™ Marble Facial Tissue contains 5,000 sheets which is equivalent to 25 boxes of conventional facial tissue*

Seazons™ Brick Kitchen Towel - 220 sheets * 12 packs

12 packs of Seazons™ Brick Kitchen Towel contains 2,640 sheets which is equivalent to 44 rolls of conventional kitchen towel*

Buy more paper, not packaging

Seazons™ Tissue gives you what you want. You buy paper, we give you paper. We are not selling packaging materials, therefore all our products are packed with minimal packaging materials. All savings are passed on to you.

Less packaging materials, more environmental friendly

Seazons™ Tissue products with less packaging materials are not only cheaper but more environmental friendly. We help you save money, you help us save the world.

2 ply is enough

You don't need more than 2 ply paper to keep you clean. Seazons™ Tissue is produced with quality 100% virgin pulp providing clean, hygienic paper (not recycled) for your daily use. Seazons™ Tissue is produced from responsibly managed plantations.

Direct to you

Reduced price. Seazons™ Tissue eliminates all unnecessary charges by 3rd party sellers keeping the price to the lowest. Hassle free online ordering. Delivered to your doorstep for FREE. Who's the winner? The choice is yours.

Seazons™ Tissue Contest
RM27,000 to be given away

About Seazons™ Tissue


It's the same 2-Ply Ultra Soft you know and love, and might just make you sing the Shiney Hiney song!

100% virgin pulp from responsibly managed plantations. Processed hygienically and no optical brightening agents (OBA) are added to make the tissues artificially white.

Save the hassle of carrying the bulky bags around when shopping. Buy online. Fast and easy.

We deliver right to your doorstep for FREE. No more the hassle of carrying big bulky paper around.

Seazons™ Tissue are made with 100% virgin pulp from responsibly managed plantations. Our tissues are processed hygienically and no optical brightening agents  (OBA) are added to make the tissues artificially white. Seazons™ Tissue are naturally white and suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to our 100% Virgin Pulp and OBA free papers, you'll feel confident every time you use Seazons™ Tissue. Our thick, plush layers contain long fibers making it extra strong, durable and absorbent.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Refuse products that are wasting unnecessary materials and resources.

Reduce the amount of packaging materials.

Reuse what you have. Don't throw it away.

Repurpose for better use. Use your creativity.

Seazons™ Tissue
Choose the right "R". Don't be fooled.

Recycle Not
Say no to Recycled Paper. It's unhygienic.

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